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AUGUST 20TH - 27TH 2022

deep journey retreat

A eight-day retreat in the rainforest of Peru, including Ayahuasca ceremonies  together with other nourishing transcendent activities to connect with nature and yourself.

Go beyond your senses and receive the wisdom from the Master Plants.


Specialized Wellness Retreats around the world:
Breathwork & profound activities of inner growth

Wellness retreats in different locations of the world to experience different profound activities of wellbeing and inner growth, together with the gift of our own breath.


These retreats are created for you to open your heart and mind to life, to reset old mindsets, connect with nature and disconnect from the daily routine. Don't miss out and align your body, mind, soul and spirit and marvelous locations with caring instructors.


Travel to the most important destination: yourself.

These Wellness Retreats are organized together with Amaru Inner Growth Alliance, a project founded by Mauricio to create a bridge between people and nourishing activities to open the heart and heal the mind.

We are all connected, we are Amaru Inner Growth Alliance.

don't miss out and breathe deeply

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Peru | August 20th - 27th

Deep Journey Retreat

Go beyond your senses in the Peruvian Rainforest:


* Breathwork. 

* Transformative Coaching.

* Cacao Exfoliation. 

* Meditation.

* Sound Healing.

* Treeking in nature.

* More.

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