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sessions of inner exploration

expansive breathing


Reconnect with your vital energy in the powerful
Expansive Breathing sessions



Rediscover the power of your breath. 



Very active breathing, retention and deep meditation. 



Release mental and emotional blockages. 



Music selected for a sensory experience. 



Expand your consciousness. Expand your perception.

The main tool will be our own breathing, which will connect us with the vital energy that sustains life itself. We will explore different sensations on a physical, mental, emotional and personal connection level.

In the Expansive Breathing session we will practice meditation, very active breathing and retention techniques, as well as visualization to expand our mind to the flow of the present moment, with the intention of connecting with our own heart, a symbol of our own strength and pure energy. of connection, abundance, and love for ourselves and the planet.

This session will help us find balance, connect with our emotions, and release mental blocks and patterns. We will expand our perception. We will expand our consciousness and heart.

inner sight

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Together with the facilitators Fiorella Garofolin (transpersonal therapist) and Dennis Araujo (Sound Circle), 

we have created ​a wonderful half day in a beautiful house in La Molina. 



We will begin with the Japanese Kintzugi tradition, 

where you will break and put back together a ceramic plate in constant meditation, in the present moment. 

Accept the present and use the Kintzugi transformation symbol.


Then, we will do an Expansive Breathing session (very active breathing, retention and relaxation techniques), 

so that you connect with vital energy, release emotions and stress, and enter a new state of consciousness. 

Expand your consciousness and perception with Expansive Breathing.


We will end with a Sound Circle session, (use of the vibration of different instruments)

where you will explore your own depth through the use of different instruments.

Explore your interior with the Circle of Sounds. 




You will receive a ceramic plate to practice Kintzugi. 

In addition, we will have healthy snacks to share. 

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Magaly, Diplomat (USA)

Loved it! Without a doubt, I would participate again and recommend it. In these times of so much uncertainty and not a little anxiety, it is necessary to invest time, energy and money in things / experiences that contribute to our physical and emotional well-being.

 I ♥ Breathwork

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Verónica, Publicist (Peru)

It was a very beautiful and different experience. I did not know that my breathing could give many benefits to my body and also take me emotionally to a better place. Thank you very much!

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Thomas, Interpreter (USA)

A fantastic, refreshing and therapeutic experience we did nothing but inhale and exhale. I wish I could recommend the program to many friends and family. I will do my best to divulge it. Thank you Mauricio!


Expansive Breathing

Release emotional and mental blockages


Breathwork for Business

Wellness and connection for your team


Wellness Retreat

Disconnect to reconnect

Other ways to breathe with me:

Fomulario Inhale, Exhale

let's breathe together.

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