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Expansive Breathing

one to one & groups


Breaktrough with Expansive Breathing:
single sessions and weekly.

Go beyond your senses and monkey-brain talk and start a journey into your own depths.

In Expansive Breathing you will breathe in different patterns to increase and move the energy in your body and breakthrough emotional blockages and negative mental programs that holds you back. 

As human beings, 95% of our behavior is unconscious and most of the time we are not aware what we need to release to grow as human beings. As Richie Bostock says:


¨One of the most exciting potentials of Breathwork is how it can be used as an incredible tool to realise and release physical, mental and emotional blockages that we may have not even known were stopping us from reaching our highest potential¨

Is in this magical state we can enter a new level of awareness, similar to theta-state (auto-hypnosis state), and create and define a new intention for our lives. In Expansive Breathing you will experience a profound connection with your own self, from the physical and non-physical form.

It will be a sensory and fabulous journey to your depths.

* Experience a new level of awareness of your mind and body.

* Enjoy your breathing in a very active way to connect with your body. 

* Release physical, emotional and mental blockages.

* Redefine mental programs.

* Move and increase your vital energy.

* Establish a new intention in life.

* Enter a new level of awareness within yourself.

* Explore your own deepness.

Sessions available online and in person (when possible).

Captura de Pantalla 2022-04-05 a la(s) 16.11.40.png

Priscilla, Chef (Costa Rica)

I had the session with Mauricio, which was amazing for me. I arrived with a topic that I wanted to discuss and I left totally liberated, calm, feeling at peace with myself. I highly recommend it to anyone to release all the feelings we have stagnant.

I  ♥ Breathwork

Captura de Pantalla 2022-04-05 a la(s) 16.12.10.png

Ximena, Art Director (Peru)

For me, Mauricio was very successful from the beginning. He listened to me, he was able to put himself in my shoes and quickly found the right techniques for me. The practice is a wonderful, healing and, most importantly, personalized experience.

Captura de Pantalla 2022-04-05 a la(s) 16.12.39.png

Diego, Executive (Peru)

I did the workshop with Mauricio and it was incredible. It was a moment of contact with myself and with my stressful emotions to let them go. Little by little, these were replaced by feelings of peace and joy. I was full of positive energy. Spectacular. Super recommended.

I want to breath and feel better.


You can also contact me trough: 




+34 605526800

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Inhale, Exhale, Connect

Breathe your way to harmony

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