Breathwork for Business

corporate programs


Specialized corporate breathwork programs for teams:
single sessions, weekly and bi-weekly gatherings

Bring the attention back to your breathing and use its power to create a more productive, caring and mindful work environment: Conscious Breathing, Breathing Awareness and Expansive Breathing. 

No matter how small or big your company is, Breathwork will help its members to reduce stress and anxiety and for them to reach a new level of awareness and integration within the company's culture. Give them the opportunity to increased their creativity, productivity, calmness and collaboration among their piers. ​

Tested and proven by elite performers such as UFC fighters and Navy seals, Breathwork is now being used in organisations such as Google to enhance the emotional wellbeing and mental performance of their people.

The team will learn techniques on how to control the breath to:

* Reduce stress in the workplace.

* Find mental balance and get in the zone.

* Gain focus and elevate the energy.

* Tame anxiety in those moments of need.  .

* Find calmness in and out the work environment. 

* Create the discipline of everyday breathing.

The programs are available online (Zoom) and in person (when possible).

I  ♥ Breathwork

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Patricia, CEO Lukoll (Peru)

“In a time as difficult as the current one, we needed tools to collaborate with the team (and with ourselves, of course) in the search for a space of peace and balance. We were lucky enough to contact Mauricio Gil, who  has been developing a meditation and breathwork workshop for the team. It has been so successful that we have asked  to continue the workshop.  It's what I needed, and it's what our team needed "


Expansive Breathing

Release emotional blockages

Other ways to breathe with me:


Inhale, Exhale, Connect

Breathe your way to harmony


Wellness Retreats

Disconnect to reconnect

I want to breath and feel better.


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